My Patterns

Below are links to all the patterns I have available now for free on this site <3

Free Patterns

Mini Octopus Amigurumi


Published 21st August 2015

(Originally posted on – 28th September 2010)


Cupcake Pincushion


Published 9th October 2015

Moose Man Milo


Published 1st April 2016


Spiky Granny Bunting


Published 7th August 2015


Lots Of Love Lapghan


Published 18th September 2015

Basic Granny Square

image1 copy

Published 15th April 2016

Happy Pills


Published 29th April 2016


  1. Do you have The Pattern om The moose Milo, I cant get The link to work.

  2. Hello my name is Lora I’m pretty new at the whole crochet craft. I was wondering if you could help me out a little on your pattern you posted on the jelly fish. The first part of the pattern I don’t understand at all. I have a brand new niece that I wanted to make this for her. Is there any way you can help me out with this. Help frustrated!!!

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