My Japan Trip: Part 6| Homeward Bound

Our trip was nearly at an end, all that remained to do was to travel back to Narita airport, and onward to Heathrow.

I got up extra early on our last day so I could walk round Shibuya while no one was around. I wanted to experience the area without the crowds. I walked round near Seibu, Loft, up to Tokyo Hands and round to the station, where I found the famous Hachiko statue – for once not surrounded by the crowds…


We were told when buying our N’Ex tickets into Tokyo from Narita that you could book your seats the day you travelled back to the airport, so I went into Shibuya Station to try and find the ticket machine. Took a while, but I found it in the main foyer. I noted it’s location for later.

Back at the hotel, and a final grape Fanta from the vending machine (my favourite drink whilst in Japan – I wish we had it back in England!). Glen was up by now, and we both finished packing our suitcases.

We left the hotel about 7am, got on the N’Ex train and made our way back to Narita. Arriving about an hour later, we got through security and the bag drop off with no fuss, and boarded the plane for our 12 hour flight back to London.

I took one last look out the airplane window at Japan – I’d had such a great time and it was sad to be going home. Usually at the end of holidays I kind of miss home and am happy to go back, but that wasn’t the case with Japan. I vowed I would return again, someday.

On the way home I watched Star Wars again (twice!) did some crocheting and read a little. I still couldn’t sleep sitting up 😛


I’ve been asked a few times how I managed to get a crochet hook on board an international flight. On this occasion, visiting Japan, I took a Clover crochet hook – one of the ergonomic ones. I’ve heard from friends that these are quite safe to fly with, but my advise to you would be to take a spare hook, not your favourite, just in case they do take it from you. I’d bought this 4mm clover hook especially for the trip, and thankfully was fine. I’ve also taken bamboo hooks on planes to Cyprus before as well with no problem, but again don’t take your favourite hook. Also, just in case they do confiscate it, take a self addressed envelope with you, so they can post the hook back to your home if you have to leave it behind 🙂

We landed at London Heathrow about 12 hours later, our journey finally at an end. The car journey back to Basildon was slow – there was a lot of traffic on the motorway – and we reached home around 6pm.

And that’s it! Although we were only there for 5 days I loved every minute, and would like to thank my parents for making this life long dream a reality. I couldn’t have gone without their help, so will be forever grateful <3

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Japan trip, and thanks for being with me to the end of it! I hope one day I can report about my return visit!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend <3



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