My Japan Trip: Part 3| Mt.Fuji, Hakone and Lake Ashi

For the second full day of our holiday we had arranged to go on a one day tour of Mt.Fuji, Lake Ashi and Hakone. We were to meet at 7:35am at the nearbyCerulean Towers Hotel in Shibuya – an early start!

Our coach pick up took us to a nearby bus station, where we boarded our outgoing coach with the rest of the tour group. On our way out of Tokyo we passed many sights, including Tokyo Tower…


The trip up to Mt.Fuji was a pleasant one – it took about 1 hour and our tour guide, Emi-San, was very informative, telling us lots of facts and info about Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Whilst on board the coach I found some cool info leaflets in the backs of the seats – I don’t know why but I think they’re really fun, with their cute illustrations and bright colours!



You definitely don’t get signs like this in England!

We were heading for the 5th Station – 2,400ft above sea level and the highest point we could go to by coach that day. We were lucky actually – we were told the weather this day was unusually clear and we got some great views of the surrounding areas…



We stayed here a little while – there was a little shop for gifts and ice cream (ice cream – on a snow covered mountain?!) and of course for photo opportunities. We set off after about 30 minutes, our next target a rest stop at the base of the mountain for lunch.

Here is our guide Emi-San, explaining about how Fuji-San is a very jealous mountain, on the way to our lunch stop…


At the rest stop you had the option of visiting the restaurant or opting for a lunch box lunch, which was pre-paid for when you booked the tour. We were the only ones on the coach that didn’t order the pre-paid for lunch box haha! I kind of wish we had, as it looked really nice. So instead we sat down in the dinning room and had the bits we had bought at the Family Mart near our hotel, earlier that morning.

Afterwards we got a chance to look round the gift shop (where I got a shopping bag featuring Mt.Fuji and Hello Kitty), and time to explore the grounds of the rest stop. It was really pretty there, with formal gardens and little places to sit and relax.


There was even a great view of Fuji-San out the front of the building…


Next on our tour we headed to Hakone, and Lake Ashi. We made our way through winding forest roads at the base of the mountain – in all it took about 45 minutes.

At Hakone we got the chance to board a cable car, with brilliant views of the mountain, forests and Lake Ashi below. And again, great signage!



Lake Ashi was our last stop before heading back to Tokyo on the bullet train. We got to go on a short cruise across the lake…




On the other side of the lake we visited yet another gift shop, where Glen and I spotted this fab Domo-Kun in traditional dress!


Our tour was almost at an end, all that remained was to travel back to Tokyo via Bullet Train. We had been looking forward to this part of the tour as we had heard so much about the Bullet Trains speed and efficiency.

I wanted to get a picture of the train when it passed our station, but it was so fast I missed it! Instead I got this one of a train at the opposite platform…


On board the Bullet Train (Shinkansen, in Japanese) it was so packed we had to stand for part of our journey, where I spotted another sign…


This was the view we had out the little side window in the standing section…


Blink and you’ll miss it!

We arrived back at Tokyo Station around 7:30pm, and made our way back along the JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya Station.

That evening I decided to have a wander by myself, and got some pictures of Shibuya after dark…




I had a little encounter with a local whilst strolling round Shibuya that night – I was taking a picture of the streets outside the Seibu store when a Japanese man wandered into my shot. I think he thought I was taking a picture of him, as he passed a few angry words and gave me the finger! I learnt very quickly that you have to be very careful when taking pictures in public, incase people think you are trying to take candid photos of them instead of the surrounding…

Aside from that incident, we’d all had a brilliant day, and I retired back to the Tokyu Rei around 10pm for a drink from the vending machine on floor 4. Glen was back in the room when I arrived with my Coke – he had bought dinner from the McDonalds next door to our hotel and was sitting in the window seat overlooking the crossing, which was really pretty at night…


And so ended another full, busy day. I planned to go to Akihabara the next day, which you can read about in tomorrows post <3

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

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