Old Favourites, Re Visited

I finally figured out what was up with the photo uploading – yay! Seems I need to upload through the media tab from now on…


I’ve been doing a lot of amigurumi work lately, in preparation for an event I’ll be selling at next Saturday in Orsett, Essex. It’s my cousin Ruby’s annual school fete and I was lucky enough to be invited to sell there. Yay!

So what with making a lot of new (and old) crocheted friends I got very nostalgic for my very first patterns, back in 2008 when I first learnt to crochet. I have such fond memories of the old animals and monsters I created whilst I was still a beginner, so decided to re-visit a few of them and give them a little love – in the form of a re-vamp!

I started with Jacob the Jellyfish – my very first pattern to be sold in my Etsy in 2009. Jacob has had many transformations over the years – he even turned bobbly for a little while – but I went back to basics for his rewrite, with a nod to little things I have learnt through the years.


Jacob and Friends

He has the same base body pattern, though with a little more frill around the bottom. He has extra tentacles (up by 60%!) and little embroidered swirl cheeks…


His hanging loop has also been lengthened. Minor details, but I find the change to be just what the pattern needed to breath new life into one of favourite designs.

Second up was The Lesser Spotted Uniloomph – Uniloomphs, you may ask? What the hell are those?! Well, here’s a little back story…

 The Uniloomphs are friendly creatures who live under the sea. A turtle/jellyfish/unicorn hybrid; they feed on plankton and coral, and have a top speed of 7 meters per hour. They live a mostly lone existence, though once they find a mate they will stay together for life


They’re basically a sea creature I made up lol

So I set about making a new couple – and I named them Yuri and Mary


Mary and Yuri

They met when they were feeding in the same region – their eyes met though a gap in the coral and they have been together ever since <3


Mary the Uniloomph

I didn’t do much updating on the Uniloomph pattern – It is basically the same design though I swapped some of the colours and made him/her a bit fatter 🙂

I’ve been enjoying making the adjustments so much I decided to put them back in my Etsy store – which is what I’ve been doing most of the evening. We had a little photo shoot earlier too, as you can tell by the shiny new pics 😛

So if you would like to make your own Yuri, Mary or Jacob – you are more than welcome to add to the family! You can find their respective patterns in both my Etsy store, EssHaych, and in my Ravelry store of the same name also <3

I plan to work on a few more of my old designs; some I am making up for the school fete next week so I hope to show you the results pretty soon 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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