Stylecraft Special DK – A Colour Palette

I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning crochet projects, especially blankets, I like to know all the colour options available to me. It was whilst trying to figure out a new pixel blanket I am designing that I realised I could do with a colour palette of every yarn shade, in each yarn brand I use/can get hold of (a big ask, I know…). So I set about making colour palettes 🙂

I thought I’d start with what has un doubtably become one of my favourite DK yarns to use – Stylecraft’s Special DK (100g/295m). I have spent literally all of this sunny Sunday afternoon collecting,  screen-capping, sampling and drawing up a palette for this amazing yarn, and thought I’d share it here, incase other crochet designers ever wanted a simple go-to sample colour palette of Special DK <3


So here it is! I tried my very best to get true likenesses to the yarn shades – I used the eyedropper tool to pic colours from photos of the yarn samples themselves. I didn’t include the speckle yarns in this palette – I simply wanted to make a chart of the solid colours, for use with planning my pixel blankets and charts.

I hope someone out there finds it useful! I aim to make a colour palette for different yarn brands and weights every week, so stay tuned for more to come <3

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

PS – I was recently alerted by my BFF Jill that some photo links aren’t working on this site – it has unfortunately happened because I have switched from to .org, and the transfer sadly hasn’t copied my pics on some posts. I will have them fixed asap, thank you for your patience while I clean it up <3

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