2016 So Far…

Hi! Hope everyone had a great new year! Sorry for the absence lately – I’ve been super busy this month re-organising my working space and shifting round my dolly family. Had a lot of girls leave, but also a lot of new faces welcomed too 🙂

One of my new girls is this little cutie; a Fruit Punch EBL I named Ziggy <3


I adopted Ziggy from a friend on Facebook, and received her on the day David Bowie sadly died. I decided to name her after him as a kind of tribute 🙂

As a result of selling and adopting a lot of Blythe girls this month I’ve really been in the mood to make hats for them. I’ve had lots of fun trying out new things with my existing designs, like making them fuzzy, for a softer look, and contrasting stitching and greater detail on my Baby Fangster hats…


I’m in the process of listing them in my Blythe Etsy – something that takes me a while as I hate taking final pics of the things I make for sale lol

On the regular crochet front I have been working on (yet another) blanket – this time a From-The-Middle design in rainbow colours…


It’s almost complete – I only have 4 more rounds including the boarder to do. I hope to have it done this weekend and listed sometime next week in my Etsy

I also picked up this brilliant book whilst on a trip to London last week…


Excite! There are so many great stitches and stitch combinations in this book, I can virtually see all the new blanket possibilities! I’m very eager to get started on new designs, but that is going to have to wait, unfortunately, until I have finished my current W.I.P’s. I have way too many *shameful face*

Finally, my good friend Jill told me about a totally addictive game available on iPhone (and Android?!) called Neko Atsume…


Isn’t it cute?! You basically provide an area for cats to visit and play in – they give you gifts in the form of silver and gold fishes, and you in turn buy more goodies and toys. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s so addictive! I of course had to buy the yarn ball lol

So that’s little of what I’ve been up to – I hope to get back into the blogging side of things in February when I am a bit more settled in my new work space 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <3

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  1. Neko Atsume is the best game ever. 😀

  2. The blanket is gourgeous! I can relate to getting back into the swing of things for the holidays.

  3. Your color choices are always so vibrant and cheerful and your stitches so clean. I’m glad you’re back 🙂 I missed getting inspiration from you 🙂

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