A New Toy

I’ve been having fun this week with a new toy – my very own yarn winder!



An early Christmas present from my parents – I’ve been after one of these for ages so I could make little yarn cakes out of some of my unwanted yarn scraps and awkward yarn skeins. So I sat there yesterday afternoon and wound wool – I must have looked like a crazy lady winding for hours at the kitchen table hehe!

I concentrated on blue for my first winding session…


A small selection of the blue yarn cakes I made…

… which I am now happily making into a scrapghan 🙂

It’s so nice to be able to put all my scraps to good use – a lot of this yarn has been sitting in a bag for years getting no love at all, but now I can wind it into useable balls I can finally make something from it 🙂

This is what I have done so far – it measures approx. 15” x 15” at the moment…


Blue Scrapghan in Progress

I plan to keep going, using random blues at random times, until I have used all my scraps.

I can’t believe I’ve been crocheting since 2008 and have only now got a yarn winder! I would highly recommend one to any crocheter or knitter out there – they’re so useful and not even that expensive (this one was £9 from Ebay).

So it’s a thumbs up for the yarn winder from me! Hope you’re having a nice week <3

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  2. Well…. Now I have to get one!

  3. I just got one too! Don’t know how I managed without one either.

  4. One of the best inventions ever! The scrapghan is a lovely color!

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