Sugar ‘n Cream n’ Pot Holders

With Blythecon UK being a huge success at the weekend, I am now free to dedicate some time to making up Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

This year I have vowed to make ALL of my families presents – which means ALOT of crocheting! But that’s ok – I like a challenge 😛

I have been planning what to make for a while now, and come up with a few ideas – but the other day the thought struck me to make cotton pot holders for the adults in my family. We don’t really use pot holders in the UK – they’re more of an American thing and I didn’t even know what they were when I started crocheting, but I thought the unfamiliarity of them would make for a nice, surprise Christmas gift 🙂

Luckily enough my good friend Jill of OnePinkHippo sent me some yummy Sugar ‘n Cream WW cotton this month in 4 fantastic shades, and it was in part thanks to Jill that I thought I could make pot holders to start with. Only problem – I’m gonna need more Sugar ‘n Cream yarn!

So off to my favourite site – Wool Warehouse – where I bought a selection of solid colours and ombre’s to go with the ones Jill sent me…



Aren’t they nice?!

Also in my order Wool Warehouse sent me a Sirdar catalogue with 2 free patterns inside! Thanks Wool Warehouse! <3



So I started trying to come up with some pot holder designs. Like I said before, I don’t know much about pot holders, other than they are usually square, have a hanging loop and are made of 100% cotton so you can get them wet and also wash them. I really wanted to make up my own designs, so that hopefully I can make a collection of pot holder designs for my Etsy shop, or even to share on here.

I wanted to start simple, so a few hours later I had these finished…


My First Pot Holders

It’s nothing special – just a bog-standard criss cross granny square, but I like the way it turned out! I made 3 as I thought it would be a nice amount to give as a gift, plus the colours look pretty together 😛

So that’s one present taken care of (nearly – I still need to actually make most of them up), and I have ideas for other presents too, which I’ll post in the up coming weeks 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! <3

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  1. I mostly use the pot holders I make to decorate my kitchen… Lol

  2. From experience (as an American lol), your potholders should be 100% cotton so they won’t melt when they grab something hot. But more importantly, you need to make sure the person using them to grab something from the oven doesn’t get burned! In which case a granny square may not be the best choice. Unless you’re making them just to place hot things on them – then it doesn’t matter. Out of curiosity, what do you use if not a pot holder? Oven mits?

    • Oh I see! I originally made these just to stand pots on, or even use as dishcloths, and hadn’t even thought about using them to actually handle a pot (we use oven gloves/mits, like you mentioned). Thanks so much for the tips – I will keep them in mind when making some more – I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves because I made holes in the holders 🙂

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