Reasons To Visit Japan #005 – Fabric Town

Although I am mainly a crocheter, I do like to dabble in sewing every now and again. So I was thrilled to hear that Tokyo has it’s own area dedicated to Fabric – Fabric Town!


Fabric Town (or Nippori Sen-i gai) is located in Nippori, in the northeastern part of Tokyo. It consists of around 85 dedicated fabric and sewing shops and cafes, and is situated on the JR Yamanote line (head for Nippori JR Station).

One of the cute things I found out about this place is it has maps dotted about the place, indicating where each fabric shop is, in both Japanese and English! Which is good – because I’m likely to get lost a lot…

Found on


Some of the better know fabric shops are Tomato, Mihama Cloth, Lemon and the excellently names Edwin Shop Denim Galaxy (hehe!).  Some shops can be a little price, apparently, but there are some gems to be found in shops like Tomato and Mihama Cloth, with discounted and out of print fabrics you can buy by the bolt or in pre cut pieces.

Here is one of Tomato’s many discount stores in Fabric Town…


I mean, just look at this lot…


(c) Unknown

Wow! A lot of these pieces are only 150JPY – 300JPY; that’s approx. 82p – £1.62!! O_O Once again, my wallet is in deep trouble…


I would really like to dedicate even just half a day to looking round this area. A whole day would be preferable, but we are only there for 5 days so I don’t know if that will be possible. But I’ll try!

I like buying fabric and sewing for my Blythe dolls, and also I like sewing bags for humans too. The trick with finding fabric for Blythe is they need to be a tiny print, so you can actually see the design on a little dress, jacket etc. I have seen (and bought!) a lot of Japanese cotton FQ’s on Ebay and Etsy over the years and they are perfect for Blythe as they feature really small and intricate designs. I know I’m going to find sooooo many cute and inspiring prints in Fabric Town! Like with the rest of my visit to Japan, I’m going to have to budget for this area before I go…

I hope you enjoyed looking a little bit into Fabric Town! When I visit in March next year I will get lots of pics – not only of this area but all the areas I feature on my blog, so you can all share in the cute and crafty 🙂

Again, all the photos, and more, are available to view on my Pinterest board, Tokyo Japan 🙂

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  1. excellent! I’m planning to go there in october to find some japanese fabric. Would you recommend Tomato or did they have more european styled prints? I’m soooo saving for this.

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