Etsy Showcase Sunday – Video Games

I’m a big geek at heart, so was really happy this week to get my hands on a SNES emulator and games to go with it! I’ve been playing Super Mario All Stars and Mario Kart for hours now, and it takes me right back to my childhood when my brother and I used to share the SNES and fight over who was doing it right or wrong 😛

So this week I’m looking at some of my favourite video game inspired crochet finds on Etsy for my Showcase Sunday 🙂


  1. Oddish Pokemon Amigurumi by DoctorAmiPlushies
  2. Pac Man Mouth Tote Pattern by eMLeeCrochetGifts
  3. Magikarp Pokemon Crochet Hat by LottiesCreations
  4. Five Nights At Freddy’s Amigurumi PDF by craftyiscoolcrochet
  5. Super Snail Bros by FallenDesigns
  6. Kirby Inspired Crochet Rug by Guguis
  7. Earthbound’s Ness Amigurumi by LouiesLoops
  8. Legend of Zelda Inspired Link Hat by Crochetri
  9. Frog Suit Mario Pillow by MalonB
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