Apologies and Progress…

Apologies for the lack of posts this week – I have been up to my eyeballs with this and that, including yet another venture into London. It’s becoming a regular thing, now!

So for a change this week I won’t be doing any of my normal posts, but will be sharing some of the things I’ve been making and doing recently 🙂

First up I am continuing with my Lumpy Space Princess pixel art blanket, which is growing – slowly but surely!


I’ve completed 12 rows and have just 7 to go! As you can see the face is done and on the row I am starting today i will be adding the first of the yellow star squares. I hope to have this blanket finished in the next week or so as I can generally get 1.5 rows made up a day. I will make the pattern available in my Etsy asap after that, to accompany my Jake The Dog PDF  🙂

I’ve also been busy making a few of the Attic24 Blooming Flower Cushions


I’ve set myself the task of making 7 of these to give as gifts this year for various family members, and I might even be tempted to make a rainbow one for myself! (I actually have my eye on the cushion on the right of the picture… must resist!)

The rainbow and blue themed cushions were made from various scraps of left over acrylic DK yarn I had in my stash, and the muted cushion is made from Sirdar Montana DK yarn I bought in a big pack from my local Hobbycraft. I like how the variegated nature of the yarn makes the cushion look rather random at the same time as being pretty 🙂

I really liked the pattern – it was simple to understand and memorise, so that by the time I was onto my 3rd cushion I didn’t even need to look at the pattern and photo tutorial. That’s always a plus for me with following patterns – I like to be able to memorise the directions so it ultimately saves time in making the item up 🙂

I’ve also had a few Blythe doll hat orders, including these Blythe Basics Beanies I made for Tracey…


So that’s what I’ve been up to! Sorry again for the lack in posts – I hope to get back to normal starting with Etsy Showcase Sunday this weekend 🙂

Hope you’re having a nice week! <3

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  1. Love your cushions and what amazing gifts. Will have to try these myself 🙂

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