My ‘Other’ Crochet Work

I’ve been a self employed needlecraft designer for about 3 months now, and I am loving it! True, sales are sometimes very slow, and PayPal fees will drive you up the wall, but apart from that I am really enjoying it.

At the moment I am working feverishly to get patterns written up for my EssHaych shop, which is my main pattern shop. I have a few patterns up at the moment, mostly older amigurumi patterns I wrote last year, but I would really like to get more blanket/afghan PDF’s and homeware items up too. I am in the middle of typing up the pattern for this blanket, which I’ve just finished recently…


Nova’s Web Blanket

As well as my pattern shop, I also have an Etsy shop dedicated to dolls hats and clothes, (mainly catering to Blythe dolls) called Eriko’s Emporium. And truth be told, this shop is actually my main source of income, rather than the pattern shop!


Baby Fangster Helmets

I’ve been making Blythe doll hats for a few years now but only started doing it full time in June. I love the idea that I can combine 2 of my hobbies (crochet + Blythe dolls) and make it a career. Like I said, I don’t make a lot of money, but it’s enough for me to get by at the moment 🙂

Some of my favourite hats to make are Baby Fangsters (pictured above) and Punky Monkeys. And luckily enough these are my most popular hats, which is great as it means I can make more of them!

I make other hats too, including my new line of granny square inspired beanie hats, which I call Clown Button Hats (I couldn’t think of a more intriguing name lol)…


New Clown Button Beanies

As well as hats, I also sew sometimes, customise and I every now and then enlist the help of my Mum to knit me some Blythe sized jumpers, which I then put together and embellish…


Kawaii Skully Jumpers – a collab between my Mum and I

So what with writing blanket patterns and making for my Blythe shop, I keep pretty busy! I know working for yourself takes a lot of effort and a good deal of time to get off the ground, which is why I’m not too worried about not making a lot of money right away. I’ve only been doing this since June! But my plan for the next year is to keep on making hats for the Blythe shop (and take part in Blythecon – I’m really excited to be vending there this year!), build up a good amount of blanket and homeware patterns for my pattern shop, and also do local craft fairs, where I will sell some of my Monster Army (I hope to be taking part in the Bust Craftacular this November! Am waiting to see if I’m accepted…).

So that’s just a little about what I do! Hope you’re having a lovely week <3

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  1. Really cute stuff! Loved the doll hats! Awesome!

  2. Yay! I was so happy to see glimpses of your beautiful collection. I love those hats! Especially the granny square one XD. I might have to kit my girls out in the future.

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