Etsy Showcase Sunday – Hand Dyed Yarn

I’ve always liked the thought of dying my own yarn – I even bought 2 skeins of pure white WW cotton at the brilliant Lion Brand Store whilst on holiday in New York a few years ago. My good friend Jill of OnePinkHippo was with me, and told me you could dye yarn with Kool Aid, which sounded like magic to me! So I got these 2 skeins and Jill sent me some Kool Aid, but sadly I have never taken the plunge and actually dyed it. I really should, though I think I’ll need some more Kool Aid sachets as the stuff Jill sent me has surely gone off by now (does Kool Aid even go off?!)

Anyway, I digress. So I was swooning over hand dyed yarn on Etsy this week and decided to dedicate this showcase to some of my favourites 🙂


  1. Firefly Hand Dyed Yarn by DyeabolicalYarns
  2. UK Hand Dyed Yarn by FleabubsbyLala
  3. Ocean Breeze Hand Dyed Yarn by Wollelfe
  4. Chunky Hand Dyed Yarn by MYandGG
  5. Fruit Fizzer Sport Weight Yarn by Spacefrog
  6. Tequila Sunrise Hand Dyed Sock Yarn by CountingSheepYarn
  7. 2 100% Hand Dyed Wool – Cloud by CraftyWoolFelt
  8. Pastel Rainbow Set Hand Dyed Yarn by HandDyedByKate
  9. Black & Brights Variegated Hand Dyed Yarn by SMAKSuperFibers
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  1. Beautiful yarn! And I don’t think Kool-Aid “goes off” but I’ll definitely send you some more! It’s a lot of fun to dye yarns!

  2. Oooo I LOVE the look of that cloud yarn!

  3. Oooh, those pretty, delicious colors make me wanna shop for yarn again! But, I need to clear out my current stash first, my husband is already starting to give me ‘the looks’ XD

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