Reasons To Visit Japan #003 – Ueno Zoo

A place I really want to visit whilst in Tokyo next March is the Ueno area, in particular Ueno Zoo. Situated in Northern Tokyo, Ueno Zoo was founded in 1882, and is Japans oldest zoo.


Ueno Zoo is home to more than 2600 animals from 464 different species. It is said to provide visitors with a learning experience about the diversity of animals, as well as being fun and enjoyable.


photos (c) Huffington Post,, L.S.P Tokyo,

The zoo’s most popular residents however are undoubtedly Ri Ri and Shin Shin, the giant pandas. They arrived at Ueno Zoo from China back in 2011, and had a cub in 2012. Sadly the cub died after 6 days.

Due to the panda couples popularity, it is possible to buy almost anything panda related within the zoos grounds, including stationary, clothing, umbrellas, food, plushies and a lot more. Whilst looking though Ueno Park photos on Pinterest the other week I found so many different food products that were panda related – here are some of my favourites!


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Yummy! I particularly like the look of them pancakes…

The zoo is also home to a five story pagoda, built is 1631 and rebuilt after a fire. The tea ceremony house that accompanies it was used to entertain shoguns in the 17th century, and stands as an important historical structure inside the zoo grounds.


I love visiting zoos in general, so I think this is a must for my visit to Tokyo. As well as the zoo, there is a beautiful park surrounding it with lakes and gardens – and by the time we go, in late March, the cherry blossoms should be coming out so it should be stunning there! As long as I don’t go on a Monday – it’s shut that day 😛

So that’s why I’d like to go to Ueno Zoo – I hope you enjoyed looking round with me <3

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  1. “… stationary, clothing, umbrellas, food, plushies and a lot more…” And I thought this was finally a safe place to bring a wallet 😛

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