Pouty Goes To Camden Town

Last Friday I travelled up to London for a health appointment, and decided to stop off in one of my favourite areas – Camden Town! I of course took Pouty…

Camden Town is a stop on the Northern Line of the London Underground, and is home to the famous Camden Market, with it’s quirky store fronts and punk scene. I make the journey up to Camden a few times a year, and it’s always fun to peruse the stalls and shops there. Pouty liked these shop fronts in particular…


There’s a canal that runs straight under the main street, where you can sit and have a coffee after looking round the stalls…


There are many different markets in Camden Town – my favourites are the Stables Market, which sells anything from punk and gothic clothing to kawaii plushies…



.. and the Craft Market Hall, full of unique handmade items and original art pieces…


From these markets I bought a little Japanese Daruma doll from Japan Craft, a silver skull ring and a tiny Alpacasso plushie, who I named Clarence 😛

Coming out of the Stables and Craft Market Halls you pass by Camden Lock bridge, on your way back up to the station…


All in all it was a great day! We even stopped off at the KFC on the high street for lunch, which is naughty of me as I’m meant to be on a diet 😛 Pouty Larry had a Zinger Burger (no picture included!)

So that was our day in Camden Town – Pouty is getting very spoilt with all this travelling!

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  1. OMG, Pouty Larry is just stealing the limelight in those pictures! It’s so funny how my eyes focus on Pouty and not so much on the background XD Glad you both had a swell time 🙂

  2. Looks like you and Poury Larry had a lovely time!

  3. OMG ALPACASSO! So cute! And LOL what in the world is a Zinger Burger!? We don’t have those, haha.

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