Etsy Showcase Sunday – Yarn Bowls

I have it in my head this year that I’d like a yarn bowl for Christmas. I don’t know why exactly – most of the yarn skeins I buy are too big to fit inside a yarn bowl, but I like the thought of having one anyway! So here is a run down of my favourite yarn bowls available on Etsy right now 🙂


  1. White Crackle Seaweed and Crimson Ceramic by The EnsorcelledMoth
  2. Yarn Bowl/Knitting Bowl by Bigdogpots
  3. Yarn Bowl with School Of Fish by EarthWoolFire
  4. Rainbow Stripes Large Ceramic Yarn Bowl by InAGlaze
  5. Fox Yarn Bowl by Barruntando
  6. Laughing Skull or Sacred Heart Yarn Bowl by PattyMara
  7. Friendly Face Yarn Bowl by SomethingLucky13
  8. Personalised Yarn Bowl by MaidOfClay
  9. T-Rex Yarn Bowl by LennyMud
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  1. How can that be a ‘friendly face’? LOL! But it’s the most eye-catching of the batch.The personalized one is nice too 🙂

  2. Easy trick: get a binder clip and stick it on a bowl and weave the yarn through!

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