Free Pattern Friday – Mini Ami Octopus

This week I am happy to bring you one of my more popular patterns from my old blog, Mini Ami Octopi!


I wrote this pattern back in 2009 and it is by far my most popular free pattern over on Ravelry. In 2010 I wrote an updated version where you can make the tentacles all in one piece instead of 8 individual parts.

The possibilitiesΒ for these little guys is endless – I’ve seen people make hats for them, embroider faces and even make armies of different colour ones, like the picture above. They are very simple to make, and I hope the photo tutorials below will help you out with the more tricky all-in-one tentacle part.

I have also written the pattern out in standard form at the btootm of this page, for those that don’t need the photo tutorial πŸ™‚

So without further-a-do – here’s Mini Ami Octopi!

Mini Ami Octopus

You Will Need:
. Crochet Hook (I used 3.5mm [E]. This will keep your stitches nice and tight and the tentacles curly)
. Small Amount Of Double Knit or Light Worsted Weight Yarn
. 7mm Safety Eyes
. Stitch Markers Or Piece Of Scrap Yarn
. Yarn/Embroidery Needle
. Poly-fill Or Other Stuffing
. Button and beads (Optional)

. Ch – Chain Stitch
. Sc – Single Crochet
. Hdc – Half Double Crochet
. St/Sts – Stitch/Stitches
. Slst – Slip Stitch
. Inc (Increase) – 2 Sc into 1 St
. Dec (Decrease) – 1 Sc across 2 Sts
. ** – Marks a group of stitches to be repeated until the round is completed

No gauge, just keep your stitches nice and tight to avoid gaps in your work

Finished SizeΒ 
1 3/4’’ Tall by 3’’ Wide (approx) using a 3.5mm (E) hook

Other Info
. As this is amigurumi, work in continuous rounds; in a spiral. Don’t join at the end of a row; just keep going
. Use stitch markers or a piece of scrap yarn to mark the start of every round. Replace at the start of the next round as you go along. This will help you keep track of where you started, and saves a lot of time if things go wrong!
. I write my patterns in American terms, so Sc means Single Crochet; Dc means Double Crochet etc.
. The number at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should now have
. I strongly recommend using a small hook i.e.- 3.5mm (E), to keep the proportions of the toy as they are in the pictures

Step 1


Step 1: Magic Ring

Ch 2, Sc 6 into the 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6 Sc)

Step 2


Step 2

Single Crochet Increase into each Single crochet stitch around (12 Sc)

Step 3


Step 3

Single Crochet into the first stitch, then Single Crochet Increase into the next. Repeat around the circle 5 more times.Β (18 Sc)

Step 4


Step 4

Single Crochet into the next 2 stitches, Single Crochet Increase into the 3rd. Repeat around the circle 5 more times (24 Sc)

Step 5


Step 5

Single Crochet into the next 3 stitches, Single Crochet Increase into the 4th. Repeat around the circle 5 more times (30 Sc)

Step 6 – 10


Steps 6 – 10

Single Crochet in each stitch around (30 Sc) for 5 rows

Step 11


Step 11

Single Crochet into the first 3 stitches, Single Crochet Decrease over then next 2. Repeat around 5 more times (24 Sc)

When you have completed this step, it’s time to insert the eyes. Take each eye and place a couple of rounds above where you are working, nearly half way up the piece. Apply backs to the eyes and continue…

Step 12 – 13


Steps 12 – 13

Single Crochet Decrease over all stitches (12 Sc)

Stuff your octopi with fluffy stuffing – make him nice and solid so he keeps his shape πŸ™‚

Single Crochet Decrease over all remaining stitches (6 Sc) and sew the opening closed. Bind Off.

You’ve made the body! Yay! On to the tentacles…




Step 1 – 2


Steps 1 – 2

Chain 2, Single Crochet 8 into the 2nd Chain from hook, or Magic Ring 8 (8 Sc)

Chain 14

Step 3


Step 3

Half-Double Crochet 2 into 2nd Chain from hook. Half-Double Crochet 3 into all remaining Chains, back to the beginning of the Chain. Slip Stitch into the next Single Crochet stitch to anchor the tentacle.

You may wish to curl your tentacle up a little by twisting it clockwise – it can be a bit loose after crocheting it up and this will give it a boost πŸ™‚

Step 4Β 


Step 4

Repeat Step 2 and 3 to create the next tentacle…

Step 5 – 10


Steps 5 – 10

… and each tentacle around, until you have 8. Bind Off, Leaving a long tail for sewing.


  • Sew tentacle piece to the bottom of the body. I find it stays more securely if you sew right around the very edge of the piece, binding each tentacle individually to the body piece, then adding a few stitches to the middle area.
  • Be creative! For my octopi I added a little heart shaped button and tiny pink seed beads for cheeks. You can add hats, different buttons and beads, embroidery – anything!

And you’re done! Yay!


I really hope you enjoyed making your own Mini Ami Octopus! If you have any questions about the pattern process at all then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and I will be happy to help πŸ™‚

And as promised – here is the pattern written out for you, incase you don’t need the photo tutorial <3

1. Ch2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
4. Sc 2, Inc around (24)
5. *Sc 3, Inc* around (30)
6-10. Sc around (30)
11. *Sc 3, Dec* around (24)

*Add Eyes Now*

12. Dec around (12)

*Stuff Now*Β 

13. Dec around (6)
*Bind off, weave in end*

1. Ch2, Sc 8 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 8 (8). Join with a Slst to beginning Sc.
2. Ch 14
3. HDC 2 in 2nd Ch from hook, and HDC 3x in each Ch across to beginning Ch. Slst to next Sc in circle.
4 – 10. Repeat rounds 2 and 3 until you have created 8 tentacles.
*Bind Off, Leave Long Tail for Sewing*

Again, any problems just leave a comment! And don’t forget to add your completed octopi to the the patterns Ravelry page so everyone else can see your awesome creation!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Thank you for this pattern,I made this little guy and I love it,your instructions were easy to follow,and I love easy..I am going to try some of your other patterns. Your the tops,again thanks so very much for all your wonderful work and your kindness in sharing

  2. I absolutely love this pattern! I’m making multiple ones each one will have something in it that makes a different noise for my twin girls so when they are born they will get to play with them and here different sounds! Thanks so much!

    • That sounds like a fab idea Kaycee – I hope your little ones will love them! I’m also really glad you like the pattern! Thanks for your kind words <3

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  4. thank you, it is the first time, that I really like an Octopus. Yours is easy to do and to understand.

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  6. Naaw! So cute! 😍❀️
    I’ve just learned to crochet in English 😊 This pattern was very easy to follow πŸ™‚
    Thank you!

    • Awww thank you! I’m really glad you like the pattern and find it easy to follow! All the best with your future crochet adventures! <3

  7. I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this adorable octopus pattern! I have been wanting to crochet amigurumi forever but felt intimidated because they’re so tiny and I’m used to crocheting with much larger hooks. You make it look so easy I have to try it. So I guess I’ll make one for my cat. This is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment on Pinterest. Again, thank you so much!

    • Hi Diane, Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m so pleased you are going to give it a try! And yes I agree, ti can be very intimidating when you’re not used to using small hooks, but the more you do the easier it gets, I promise πŸ™‚ Thanks so much again for commenting <3

  8. I’m new to crocheting and have been practicing learning stitches for a month now. This is the first pattern I made and it turned out perfect! Thanks so much!

    • HI Kris, I’m so glad you liked the pattern! And wow, if you only just started learning and managed them tentacles I applaud you! They’re not easy for a beginner! Thanks again, and all the best with crocheting in the future <3

  9. Hello! I was wondering, if I give credit to this pattern, can I sell anything I make? Or is that not ok? Thanks!

  10. I’m a beginner crocheter and loved this little project! It hardly took any time and my 3 year old boy loves it! My husband says “make tons of them.” Thanks for the pattern and helpful pictures!

    • I’m so glad you like the pattern Ang!! And thank you too for your kind words – I hope you do indeed make tons of octopi! An Octopi Army! πŸ˜›

  11. This is the cutest little toy! I’m nearly done whipping up my first…can’t wait to make a bunch more! I really appreciate the pictures and then the summary that I’ll use after I get the hang of them. πŸ™‚ I plan to use it as a fun little mascot on my desk at work, but I was also thinking they’d make a fun “yarn-bomb” alternative to just randomly leave or give away. Who can’t be happy getting one of these? I’ll let you know how that project goes. Blessings!!!

    • Hi Michelle – I’m so glad you like the pattern! And that’s a great idea about the yarn bomb project – I wish you all the best with it! <3

  12. I love this pattern – too cute! Thanks for publishing it! I have a suggestion about the tentacles. I’ve been making my octopuses (octopi?) in one go. When I get to the row that has 12 stitches (after row 12 of body) I make the tentacles (either 2 legs 1 sl st 4xs or 4 legs 2 sl st 2xs ) in the front loops and then go back around in the inside back loops to close up the body. (Depending on the yarn this requires another row of 12 sc to avoid holes before dec down to 6.) Comes out quite nice and no sewing required!

    Thanks so much again!

    • Hi! I’m really glad you like the pattern! And that’s a really good idea about making it all in one – I hadn’t thought of that! If I ever post a pattern for that method I will be sure to credit you <3

  13. Hello! I really really like your work πŸ™‚ I’ve had a hard time understanding the tentacules (it’s not your fault haha I’m not a native English speaker) but now I got it and I’m really happy about how it turned out πŸ™‚ Thank you so much! ^^

  14. Hello! First, I’d like to thank you for showing us such a cute pattern πŸ™‚ After seeing it, I got the motivation I needed to learn crochet and now I’m getting slowly better at it! I just have one little question for you. Maybe it’s because I’m a beginner of because English is not my first language, but I can’t understand this part of the pattern :

    Half-Double Crochet 2 into 2nd Chain from hook. Half-Double Crochet 3 into all remaining Chains, back to the beginning of the Chain.

    Does the number after Half Double Crochet means? Is it just the number of the stitch I’m gonna work with (like I skip 2 stitch and work only with the third when it says Half-Double Crochet 3)? Because I’ve tried it this way and the result was far from what you got =/

    • Hi Micky – Thank you so much for your message – I am so happy to have had a hand in motivating you to learn crochet! It is a very rewarding hobby and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it <3

      As for your question – the 3 after the Half Double Crochet means you Half Double Crochet into the next chain stitch 3 time. By making multiple Half Double Crochet stitches in the same Ch stitch it should allow the fabric to 'bunch up', as there are too many stitches in the one Chain stitch πŸ™‚

      So to start you would Half Double Crochet twice into the 2nd Chain for them hook, and the 3 times into every Chain Stitch after that, back to the beginning Chain πŸ™‚

      I hope this helped, and thanks again for your lovely comment!! <3

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  16. hello
    thank’s for the really cute pattern.
    I have a question about tentacules. I want twist them but i don’t succes that. I try twist chain, twist when i make a single crochet… but i don’t succes.
    Should you help me to successful this twist tentacules

    • Hi there, so glad you like the pattern! With regards to the tentacles twisting – I usually only twist them when I’ve completed all the single crochet’s on one tentacle – they won’t twist up if you just twist the starting chain or one single crochet. You need to have a whole tentacle complete in order to twist successfully πŸ™‚
      If this still doesn’t work, try adding more than 2 single crochet to each chain stitch – basically the more single crochets you add to each chain the tighter the tentacle will be, and should therefore twist easier πŸ™‚
      I hope this has helped! Good luck!

  17. I really love this – it’s SO stinkin’ CUTE!!! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

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  19. Thank you sooooo much for your adorable pattern. I finished making this for my kitty today and she loves it.

  20. Thank you SO much for this pattern! It is adorable!! I have pictures of some of the ones I have made on my blog!

  21. Hi Sarah,
    You know, I’ve seen quite a few different ami octopus patterns, and have download at least three of them. They’re all fairly similar but just different enough to make me want them. But that said, THIS one, YOUR little Mini Ami Octopus (Take 2)(as you originally titled it) πŸ˜‰ is BY FAR THE CUTEST one I HAVE EVER SEEN! I find it a little funny when I think of the reason I’m making it, and maybe even a little embarrassing too to tell you! But my daughter has a 10 lb toy poodle who LOVES little squishy toys, especially if they have a little squeaky in them! (like you buy at the pet store . . .) Well, a few years back, I realized that you could buy a pack of, oh about 6 of those little plastic squeaky things that they put in dog toys at PetSmart. And I bought some to fix some of my LARGE DOG’S toys that he had chewed up. I had some of them left over. Well last week, I gave my daughter a little turtle ami that I had made her. She had to put the dang thing up where her dog couldn’t see it so he’d stop trying to find it/get it. (she’d already had to take it away from him once!) Soooo….I started looking at the patterns I have to see what might work for a dog toy, and your little mini octopus is PERFECT in size to allow me to not only put the stuffing in it, but to also put the squeaky in it and yet still small enough to fit in the wild thang’s little mouth so he can play with it! I just thought you might get a little kick out of all of that and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so very generous as to be willing to share so many of your patterns for free. For someone like myself, being on such a small fixed income makes it just about impossible to buy patterns; not that the folks who design them don’t deserve EVERY SINGLE PENNY that they get for them . . . but if you don’t have the funds to buy them, you just DON”T have the funds! So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for allowing me to be able to brighten my daughter’s day a little. It means a GREAT deal to me! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Shelly, Thanks so much for your message – I’m so happy you like the pattern! It means a lot to hear that you like it so much πŸ™‚ It’s a great idea to put squeakers into the amigurumi – I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks again, and I hope your daughters dog gets a lot of pleasure playing with the new toy! <3

  22. Reblogged this on GIP and commented:
    How to make your own Cthulhu! πŸ™‚

  23. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! It’s absolutely adorable! ^_^ <3

  24. Too cute! I will have fun making these.

  25. so adorable, thanks for pattern!

  26. This is the best way to do the tentacles. Thanks so much!

  27. I’m not an octopus person but these are absolutely adorable!

  28. Thank you so much can’t wait to try πŸ˜„

  29. So cute! Thanks so much for the pattern. πŸ˜‰

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