Reasons To Visit Japan #002 – Kiddyland

Yes, I’m 30 years old. And yes, I want to visit this massive toy store. Why, you ask? Well, I’m a sucker for everything kawaii and colourful, and this store looks like the epicentre of fun in the worlds capital city of cute!

Kiddyland is a big toy store, with it’s flagship shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. Described as a theme park for character goods, it features 6 floors of products featuring, among others, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Snoopy, Moomins, Domo, Totoro and much more.


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Although Kiddyland is marketed as a kids store, it is also a must for any kawaii loving adult. You can find basically anything in this store that relates to your favourite Japanese characters, including super massive plush Rilakkumas! Squeeee!!


Amongst the toys you can also find stationary, ceramics, socks, blind boxes, accessories and more. You can even find Blythe dolls here!


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Check out all these cute socks!!


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Kiddyland is also a great place to find character gashapon. Gashapon are little coin operated vending machines that offer small capsule toy gifts, ranging from stationary, charms and toys, socks, pin badges, lanyards, watches –  all for as little as 100 – 300 JPY (£0.52 GBP – £1.54 GBP). These are dotted all around Tokyo but apparently there are lots to find in Kiddyland, all featuring your favourite kawaii characters. I’ll make sure to save them 100 Yen coins, then!


Like with Tokyo Hands – I expect I will be spending a lot of time in this store. One of the main draws for me is finding unusual and unique Japanese character toys and products you wouldn’t usually find in the UK or other countries. I hear they sell just about anything you can think of, based on Hello Kitty alone – things you wouldn’t even think could be branded with a cute cartoon cat! I know I will have to limit myself in these stores, as I think it would be very easy to blow your whole budget in just one afternoon here 😛

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So that’s why I would like to visit Kiddyland – I imagine leaving this store with a headache from all the over saturated cuteness and colours, but what a nice headache to have 😉

If you would like to see more pictures from Kiddyland and other fab Tokyo venues and events, you are welcome to check out my Pinterest board Tokyo, Japan, where I am hoarding photos of all the places I want to visit 😛

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  1. Oh no … cuteness overload! <3

  2. Haha yeah, it would’ve been a bit excessive to be there all in one go XD I think I’ll have to do the same as you did for a lot of places – go back a second or third time. Too much awesome for one visit!

  3. I promised my husband (boyfriend at the time) that I would only visit Kiddyland for a bit. I ended up going for 3-4 days for a visit haha. I was just enamoured by this infrared Totoro toy (I bit the bullet and bought him in the end, no regrets!)

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