New Etsy Listing: Jake The Dog Blanket Pattern

I finished this blanket design a few months ago now, but have only just got the pattern and how-to written up fully. I’m happy to now be able to offer others the chance to make their very own Jake The Dog blanket!


Pattern available now!

I was inspired to make a pixel art blanket after seeing so many amazing pieces on Etsy and Pinterest – it really is incredible what you can make out of joining a few squares of crochet! I am a big fan of Adventure Time too, so thought I’d use one of my favourite characters as inspiration.

I started making this blanket in early 2014, but had to abandon it after running out of the yellow Poundstretchers Bright Colours yarn I was using. I tried to buy more of the same dye lot, but it seems the dye lot I bought was a one off, and nothing I could get my hands on was a match 🙁

I started again earlier this year from scratch, using this time Stylecraft Special DK in Sunshine…


I made sure I bought enough yarn this time hehe! I actually bought 12 x 100g balls of the stuff – way more than I needed, but after the massive dye lot fail on the first attempt I thought it was better to be safe than sorry 🙂

Progress was slow as I wasn’t working on it everyday, but I was determined to get it finished. I followed a chart I’d made up on the brilliant Crumpet’s Kandi Patterns website, where they have a special Pattern Maker page. Although it is a site for kandi and fuse bead patterns, you can alter the chart so you can make crochet graphs! How handy!!


I was using a join as you go technique I had found on Youtube by Oana’s Crochet Channel, so each individual square was joined as I made it. It’s a great method of working – so simple! –  and gives a very neat and professional look to the join.


I finally finished it about a month ago now – it took in all 3 months, on and off, to crochet up. I was really happy with it and listed it immediately on my Etsy, where it has sat ever since lol!

I think the problem with selling a blanket like this is that it was so expensive to buy all the yarn in the first place, and then the time it took to make it – I had to price it quite high. And lets face it – who’s gonna pay £100+ for a blanket?! So I thought I’d offer the pattern for sale too, so that people that like the blanket but can’t afford it can still make their own 🙂

So that’s what I was doing on Thursday – typing up the pattern and making charts/taking how-to photos. It’s my first blanket pattern that I’ve put in my shop, but I’m really happy with how it turned out and I hope to make lots more, as soon as I can actually get around to finishing them! My problem is I have a million ideas, but limited time to crochet 🙁

In the works next is a Lumpy Space Princess blanket in the same style – i have already bought all the yarn I need (I hope!) and just need to finish my Nova’s Web blanket to be able to start on it.

If you are interested in making your own Jake The Dog inspired blanket, you can find my pattern in my Etsy now, for £3.90 (which includes the pesky new European VAT charge – boo!)

If on the other hand you would like to own this exact blanket, it is still available! I have a 25% sale on at the moment on all my handmade blankets, so it is currently up at £90, plus p&p <3

I hope you enjoyed looking at how I made the Jake Blanket! Hope you have a lovely weekend! <3

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  1. I love adventure time too and that is a beautiful blanket 🙂

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