Etsy Showcase Sunday: Turning Japanese

For many years now (well, most of my life!) I have longed to visit Japan. I don’t know why – there’s just something about the place that I seem to connect too. Whether it’s the traditions, the language, kawaii – I really can’t tell.

So I was super excited the other week when it was announced that we will be going on a trip to Tokyo in March! It’s a dream come true for me, and I can’t wait for March to roll round so we can go!

So this week on Etsy Showcase Sunday, I’m paying homage to Japanese inspired crochet items 🙂


  1. Maneki – Neko Lucky Cat by PaxtonsPromise
  2. Geisha Girl Crochet Hook by korutumi
  3. Custom Crochet Dragon by JRPcrochet 
  4. Japanese Crochet PDF Craft Book by CraftBookBazaar
  5. Ninja Hat with Star by littlepopos
  6. Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Pattern by cottonflake
  7. Beautiful Hand Dyed Paper Yarn by dePointShowroom
  8. Mount Fuji and Shikansen Amigurumi PDF by handmadekitty
  9. Sushi and Maki Rolls Amigurumi in a tray Bento by MushyP
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  1. Lucky you! I did the Japanese language for a year when I was at uni…about 6 years ago…loved it! Hope you have a wonderful time xx

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