Introducing Moose Man Milo!

The other day I was happy to receive in the post some Katia Amigurumi cotton yarn from the fab I had read about this yarn on the brilliant Amigurumifood blog the other week. It looked like really nice stuff, and the ami’s made with it looks amazing, so I decided to try it out.

And I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived! It actually arrived to me vacuum sealed (!) and when I let the air into the packet it sprung up nice and soft. The packs come in 10 colours each, with 10g worth of each colour. I was a bit dubious as to if there would be enough for a whole amigurumi project, so I decided to make something up to try it out.


Katia Amigurumi

I wanted to make a monster (as usual!) but for a change I wanted to make him into a key fob, and extra large kawaii key fob 😛

I started with the feet…



And moved up the body. My aim was to use a little of each colour in the pack, making the ‘face’ area larger than the other stripes…


I finished the body part, and was amazed I still had over half of the yarn left! Yay!


Body Done!

I crocheted up some little stubby arms, and some curvy ‘horns’. I then added eyes…



… and mouth detail. I also added the keyring finding and he was done!


Moose Man Milo <3

I’m really happy with how he turned out! I decided to call him Moose Man Milo, as he looks a lot like a moose with his horns 😛

I hope to have a few of these made up for Blythecon UK, at which I am a vendor this year, with both an amigurumi and Blythe stall. I can see a load of these little cheeky guys sitting in a big bowl, ready to meet their new Mum’s and Dad’s 😛

So in conclusion I would definitely recommend Katia Amigurumi. It is 4 ply, so is a little fiddly to work with, but it does give a nice clean, crisp stitch definition and doesn’t stretch at all, which is ideal for amigurumi as it will help the toy hold it’s shape better. There are 4 different colour packs to choose from – I think I got pack 3 on the yarnplaza website 🙂

So that’s Moose Man Milo – I hope you like him!

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