Pouty In Cyprus

Last week I travelled with my family to Latchi in Cyprus, for our summer holiday. We weren’t alone, as Pouty Larry managed to convince me to take him along with us 🙂


Off On An Adventure!

We took off from a very cold London Luton Airport early on Wednesday morning. Pouty Larry persuaded me to let him sit next to the window – he looked out of it for the whole trip, bless him! He was fascinated by how something as big and heavy as a plane load of people could stay in the air for so long, and so was I to tell you the truth!

We landed ok and made our way to Latchi. Latchi is a small harbour village on the west coast of Cyprus, and we have been to this particular villa many times. Pouty liked the look of the big pool and wanted to jump right in!


“Can I Get In Yet?!”

The villa we rent is called Michaela Villa and is situated in the countryside along by the side of the harbour. There are beautiful views out around the surrounding fields and farm lands, and in the distance you can make out the mountains to the east.


Early Evening Sun


“What a View!”

One thing we have learnt over the years of coming to Cyprus is you can’t leave any food stuff out in the open because the ants will quickly swarm in and attempt to take it away… That was the exact fate of this unfortunate Lays crisp…


Ant Army!

We spent most of our days laying around the pool, swimming and generally just relaxing. In the evenings we would visit the harbour (about a 2 min drive away), where there are lots of restaurants and shops, plus a marina and big sea wall.


View from a restaurant along the harbour

Some of our favourite places to eat were the Souli Hotel Resturant a little further down the coast from the harbour; Nicandro’s (where this picture was taken!) and Porto Latchi. Pouty Larry’s favourite thing to eat was sardines, which were fished that same day from nearby waters.

We took a walk along the big sea wall one night, and from there we could see all the lights from the harbour-side restaurants…


I took a book on holiday with me, as I do every year, and I think Pouty Larry read it more than me! It was Coin Locker Babies by Ryu Murakami. Pouty finished it in 5 days, whilst I am still only half way through the book (I’m a slow reader lol!) 🙂


“You Not Finished Reading This, Yet?!”

I of course took some yarn and crochet hooks away with me, but unfortunately got little done as it was just so hot! I did however manage to do a spot of yarn bombing by the pool…


YarnBombing! Yay!

The square I attached to this lamppost is a new square I have recently designed – I hope to have it available in a blanket pattern soon (Once I get my crochet mojo back – it seems to have sadly left me at the moment…)


Last Day…

Our last day in Latchi soon came, and we were sad to be leaving after what seemed like a very short trip. Pouty Larry said he would miss the early evening sun and the sardines…

On our way home we flew partly over Germany, where I spotted these fields. I thought they would look great as a crocheted blanket – all different sized rectangles in shades of green and yellow…


High Above Germany…

So now we are back home, and I’m slowly but surely getting back in to the swing of things. Pouty Larry said he was really glad he went with us to Latchi – he now has a taste for adventure and wants to travel with me everywhere!

As I said I would love to make a blanket inspired by the German fields I saw from the plane window – I have a few ideas about how I could do it and will of course keep you posted if and when I decide to go ahead with it 🙂

Take care, and thanks for reading! <3

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  1. Thanks Karen! We all had a great time!

  2. Well it looks like Poury Larry had a great time! Hope you and parents did as well!

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