Free Pattern Friday: Spoke Mandala

This weeks Free Pattern Friday is in tribute to the incredibly talented Wink of A Creative Being, who ever so sadly took her own life last Friday after suffering with severe depression for some time.

I was so sad to hear about Wink, who’s sister Tinc made this blog post to let her followers know the terrible news. It says in the post that Wink often said crochet saved her life, and I feel I can relate to this. I too have suffered with mental health problems for many years, and at times crochet (and crafts in general) have been my only source of relief from my struggles. I feel so sad that Wink no longer found happiness in her creative work – it shows what a very serious situation she was in if something she used to find such joy in no longer helped her.

Wink was known for making really pretty crochet mandalas, so todays free pattern is her Spoke Mandala <3

Wink’s pattern is written in super easy to understand step by step instructions, with a full photo tutorial accompanying the text. It is really easy to understand, and some of the techniques Wink uses are very clever, like the super long DC and her method of joining at the ends of the round. I also really like the colours she used for this tutorial – they are so bright and happy 🙂




All images (c) a creative being

If you would like to make your own mandala you can find her pattern here

I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with Wink’s family and friends at this horrible time. Please be comforted in the thought that her work bought (and still does!) a lot of happiness to people all around the world <3

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  1. Ohhh Wink. <3

    This is one of my favorite mandalas of hers.

  2. Ohhhh, Wink. <3

    This is one of my favorite mandalas of hers.

  3. Sarah, what a lovely tribute to Wink. She will be missed.

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