Etsy Showcase Sunday

I used to do a feature on my old blog called Etsy Showcase Sunday, where I would pick crochet items of a certain theme and link to them on my blog. I used to enjoy doing this feature, so thought I’d carry it over to this new site 🙂 This week’s theme is Monsters! monsters 1. Crocheted Monster Toy by TreacherCreatures 2. Crochet Amigurumi Monster Tot by MyLittleBeastie 3. Commando Kate by KnotByGranma 4. Johann the Artist by SanatiFactory 5. Monster Slippers PDF Pattern by KnitsForLife 6. Bobbly Wobbly Monster PDF Collection by Demonstrative  7. Monster Love by SimplyCollectible 8. Crochet Monster PDF Pattern by WhimsicalLittleFox 9. Fred by LunaStudios

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