Happy Yarn Mail Day!

Was so happy to get my latest Wool Warehouse order in the post yesterday!



Look at all the yummy rainbow colours!

I got 2 makes of DK Cotton yarn in this order; the first is King Cole Cottonsoft DK and the second Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK. I mainly bought these yarns for amigurumi making. I am predominantly a cheap hooker (lol!) – I have always used the cheap acrylic DK yarn you find almost everywhere in England. I think it must be our most popular weight and fibre of yarn. But I wanted to try something a little different – and I’ve heard in the past that cotton doesn’t stretch that well, so though it would be perfect for amigurumi.

I made Dangerous Derek out of cotton yarn and liked the results, so I got some more. I really need to stop buying yarn – I have about 280 balls of the stuff in my room lol 😛

Anyway, that was the reason for my happy mail day! I will hopefully get to use some of it over the weekend for some ami’s – will post pics if and when I do.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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