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Had a tidy up of my workspace at the weekend, and thought I’d share some pics 🙂

I’ve always wanted a craft room, but as I still live with my Mum and Dad (and my younger brother, Glen), naturally space is a little tight in our home. For this reason at the start of the year I incorporated my bedroom into a bedroom/craft room. I like to call it a craft room with a bed in it as it’s mostly full of yarn and fabric hehe!

I started by picking a desk. I wanted something with lots of storage, as well as having a big surface area to work on. I chose the  Ikea Micke range of desks, which you can combine/mix and match to suit your needs.

I promptly added all my craft books, supplies, Blythe dolls and other crafty bits…


Attached to this desk to the right I have a smaller Micke desk, where I keep my sewing machine. It also acts as a bedside table…


To the right of the corner desk is a similar small Micke desk, used to house my goldfish, Eric 😛

A big problem for me as I have got more and more into crafting (crocheting in particular) is yarn storage. I have tried so many types of yarn storage methods – keeping it in boxes, bags, a bookshelf, vacuum bags – you name it I’ve probably tried it at least once. These methods were fine when my stash was quite small, but over the years I have accumulated over 275 balls of yarn. So obviously keeping it all in bags isn’t going to work, as you would have to dig to get to the yarn on the bottom. It used to drive me crazy lol!

So I really wanted somewhere I could not only keep my yarn organised and within easy reach, but also display it nicely. I went back to the bookcase idea and found some really nice floor to ceiling cases in, again, Ikea. Thank God for Ikea!


I had so much fun organising my yarn here! And it’s surprising the amount you forget about when it’s all bunched up in bags – there was some here I hadn’t even started using!

I’m so happy with this method of storing my yarn! It’s all within easy reaching distance, plus you can actually see at a glance  what you have. Maybe now it will stop me buying even more yarn, or at least until I have used what I have hehe!

So that was my bed/craft room! I really enjoy using this space – it’s so nice to have a dedicated area for my work and it actually makes me want to work harder, just being surrounded by crafty bits and bobs 🙂

Do you have a craft/crocheting space? I’d love to find out!

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