Peppermint Pouty and a New Girl

I received a commission for a Peppermint Pouty Larry this week from my friend, Amy, over on Facebook. It was nice to make another Pouty as this time I could test the pattern I’d already written and make changes, if needed.

This is the Pouty Larry I made Amy…


Pouty Larry Version 2!

And of course a family portrait lol!


Larry and Larry 😛

I hope Amy likes him!!

Also this weekend I’ve been sketching random monster ideas in my sketch book that I keep for crochet patterns and bits. I’ve kept sketchbooks of my ideas since I started crocheting in 2008, and it’s always nice to look back on ideas I had in the past. You never know, they may give you inspiration in the present 🙂

I took one of the drawings and made this as yet unnamed monster girl…


Prototype of a cyclops monster

She is made from the bottom up, working 4 foot pieces into one…



And continuing to crochet up. I made her in these colours as they were the only colours I had in this yarn type, with is Drops Cotton Merino DK. I hope I can get some more of this yarn soon so I can try out other colours, as I think the beige isn’t too exciting hehe!


So that’s what I’ve been up to! I hope you’ve had a great weekend too, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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