A Fun Crochet Friday!

Today was a great crochet day! I woke up to find my yarn order from Wool Warehouse had arrived – which is always great! I found out about Wool Warehouse at Christmas when my friend Amy told me she had received a voucher for the site. I checked it out and have shopped there ever since.

I received some Drops Alpaca 4ply, to make Lalylala’s Cactus Carl. Now, i’m more of an acrylic DK kind of girl, so using this super thin and delicate natural yarn to make a complex amigurumi is going to be a big challenge for me and my hands. I tend to crochet really tightly, so along with this, the thin yarn and the hook size (2mm!) – it’s going to be an experience!

I feel I should say a bit about Lalylala’s amazing patterns – Lalylala is run by the very talented Lydia Tresselt – a graphic and textile designer and illustrator based in Munich, Germany. She designs and makes these super cute dolls, all dressed in animal costumes and costumes from nature. Some of her pieces include Lupo the Lamb, Oleg the Octopus and of course Cactus Carl, who I’m making now. I first found her adorable patterns whilst browsing Etsy one day back in November and fell in love with these unique and beautiful dolls. I bought my first Lalylala pattern, Lupo the Lamb, last month and made my Mum a Lupo of her own for her birthday.


My Mum’s Lupo the Lamb

I enjoyed the pattern very much – he was so fun to make and the pattern was really well written and explained. I promptly bought the 7 pattern deal to make 7 more dolls 😛

So that brings me onto ordering more yarn to make Carl – the pattern recommends 4ply yarn, so I got some on Wool Warehouse on Wednesday. And by Friday it was here! Great service! My first reaction when seeing/feeling the alpaca yarn was “oh dear – my poor hands” hehe! I get very crampy hands anyway, and using thin yarn usually makes this worse. But I’m determined to make Carl per the instructions, so I’ll have to put up with it 😛 (BTW I used DK yarn to make Lupo, not the stated 4ply. Lupo came out a lot bigger than the pattern called for, so I decided I would make Carl using 4ply to see the difference).


Teeny Tiny!!

I started crocheting Carl after dinner and all I’ve managed to get done this evening is the head – my hands are dead! But he is looking so cute!


Carl is born!

I stuffed the head with polyfill and will continue with the pattern tomorrow, when my hands have recovered 😛

For a size comparison, here is Lupo’s head (made with DK) along side Carls (made with 4ply).


The difference between DK and 4 Ply!

What a difference yarn weight makes! I can’t believe how teeny tiny he is!! I very much look forward to making more of Carl tomorrow 🙂

Also today I visited my local Hobbycraft to buy some bits and bobs, and whilst there found this great book on crochet blocks…


Been looking for a blocks book for a while, and this looked perfect!

It’s by Jan Eaton and features 200 unique crochet squares for afghans, blankets and throws. There are some beautiful squares in this book, and the colours Jan uses are so vibrant and unique. One thing I like about crocheting is picking and choosing what colours go together in a project, and in the book there are even pointers about where to look for inspiration for colour palettes. I very much look forward to making some squares in this book for some up coming blankets!

So that was my crochet Friday! I’m sad I couldn’t get more of Carl done, but I’ve learnt recently you really need to look after your hands, especially if you rely on them and use them a lot. So for the rest of the evening I will be starting a new book – Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant! Love his work <3

So bye-bye for now! And Happy Crocheting!

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