Well, Hello There!

Hi! I’m Sarah (aka EssHaych) – welcome to my new website! Admittedly there isn’t much here at the moment, but don’t worry, I’m in the process of uploading all my content to its new home.

I suppose I should introduce myself properly – my name is Sarah, I’m currently 30 years old and live in Basildon, Essex, England. I am a craft fanatic, but mostly stick to crocheting. My first love was amigurumi – I decided in 2008 to teach myself to crochet specifically so I could make these super cute toys I saw on sites such as Craftster.org. As my skills grew, I began getting interested in crocheting other items, like granny square blankets and hats.

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One of the first Granny Square Blankets I made – a gift for my parents in 2011

Today I still crochet amigurumi – I love making up my own designs and patterns to share with other people. I will soon have some free patterns and tutorials for you in the pages above. I also have an Etsy shop, where I sell some of my more complex patterns and one off pieces I make. You can find my shop here.

One of my other big hobbies is collecting and making for Blythe dolls. I found the wonderful world of Blythe back in 2011, when my best friend, Jill, introduced me to her first Blythe, Coral. I soon followed suit and bought my first girl, who I named Zoe. Now, over 4 years later, I own around 25 Blythe dolls.


Crafting with Blythe!

I often like combining my two favourite hobbies by making stuff for my dolls. I began making clothing for Zoe in 2012, and soon opened an Etsy store with my friend Jill. I stayed at the shop for about a year before branching out with a shop of my own, called Eriko’s Emporium. I’m really happy to have had some success with the Emporium; my best sellers are silly character hats including Baby Fangsters and Punky Monkeys.


Forest Baby Fangster Hat


Starry Eyes Punky Monkey Hat

Today I split my time evenly between crafting for Blythe and also new amigurumi design. I am also very interested in pixel art blankets, and have a few patterns up my sleeve to make in the coming months.

I hope you will enjoy this new site (when it’s actually got something on it lol) – I hope to make it a one stop shop for crocheting patterns and tutorials, as well as having regular blog series like Etsy Features and Free Patterns from around the ‘net. If however you  have something you would like to see here, please don’t hesitate to comment below and I will see to it that it is included in this site.

So for now, Bye Bye! And Happy Crocheting!

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