Making Pouty Larry

I set out to make a newer version of an old amigurumi of mine – the Haych Monster. I liked the original design but wanted to update it, as I made the original back in 2009 when I first started designing amigurumi.

I wanted to use something different to my usual acrylic DK yarn. I wanted my stitches to be smaller and neater, so I opted for Wendy’s Supreme Luxury 4-Ply Cotton, which is a 100% mercerised cotton. I’d never used 4ply to make an ami before, nor cotton either, so it was a steep learning curve of how to use my hands in an efficient way and keeping tension.

I started by making my then unnamed monster from the feet up…


Pouty is born!

I realised I wanted him to be free standing, so I added some stiff cardboard disks to the bottom of his feet. I sewed them in place with the same colour yarn I was using to make the feet.

I continued up the body, making him a little fatter in the belly by increasing slightly at the waist. I also had some help from a friend…


Hey, You!!


I made my way to the top of the head then divided the piece to make 2 little ears. By this time the strain on my hands was evident – I was finding it hard to continue as I’d never used this weight or type of yarn in amigurumi before. I tend to crochet VERY tight, so this wasn’t helping the situation. But we got there in the end, and he looked a bit like this…



The following day I moved on to his arms, which I decided to keep quite stubby. The face is always my favourite part to make/design – it really brings your amigurumi to life! I wanted to use something a little different from safety eyes, so took inspiration from my Punky Monkey Blythe Hats and used 3 different sizes of black and white resin buttons. I added pink felt cheeks to make him look a little shy 😛

I was going to leave his mouth – a lot of my ami’s actually don’t have mouths but again I wanted to try something different so I thought I’d make him a big ‘O’ shaped mouth. I used the same pattern as I used for the arms and inverted it, sewing the middle and sides to the face. I found the mouth was posable!


I name you… Pouty Larry!

And he was done!! I decided to name him Pouty Larry for obvious reasons hehe!

The next day I thought he could do with some clothes as he was rather exposed, so I made him up a little tank top from acrylic DK yarn. I added fancy flower buttons and micro buttons for detail.

And that was it! I made a little story for Pouty Larry, and introduced him on my social network platforms. He was welcomed with open arms!


“Hi, Guys!”

I hope Pouty Larry will be happy here – I also hope to make hims some friends in the not so distant future, so he will have someone to talk to 😛

View Pouty Larry’s Story Page!

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